1. Please indicate your level of agreement with the following statements regarding XYZ University:
        Strongly disagree Somewhat disagree Somewhat agree Strongly agree No opinion
    a. XYZ University has a clear vision of its future
    b. XYZ University has a well-articulated mission to achieve that vision
    c. The leadership of XYZ University is committed to XYZ University vision and mission
    d. XYZ University has engaged alumni volunteers
    e. Alumni of XYZ University are well informed about the impact of their giving
    f. I understand how alumni giving furthers the mission of XYZ University
    g. I feel good about the experience I had as a student at XYZ University
    h. Graduates of XYZ University are likely to be successful in their career(s)
    i. I know ways that I can become involved and support my alma mater
    j. The alumni of XYZ University give to their alma mater in time, treasure, and/or talent
    k. The current faculty of XYZ University is excellent
    l I believe that XYZ University uses its donations wisely