1. How much do you agree/disagree that the following describes people who currently give to XYZ University?
        Strongly disagree Generally disagree Generally agree Strongly agree No opinion
    a. People like me  
    b. Older alumni
    c. Recent graduates  
    d. Wealthy alumni  
    e. People who like to socialize  
    f. People who want to help other alumni 
    g. People who want to give back to the University  
    h. People who are loyal to XYZ University
    i. People who are sport fans  
    j. People who are motivated by incentives to give (Plaques, License Plate Covers, etc.)
    k. People who want to make the XYZ University student experience more robust
  2. How valuable would each of the following be to you in making a decision to give to XYZ University?
        Not important Somewhat important Very important Critically important No opinion
    a. It's the right thing to do
    b. To increase the quality of the academics
    c. Better teachers
    d. Nicer facilities
    e. Providing financial support to XYZ University students
    f. Higher school ranking
    g. Lower tuition
    h. Knowing how dues/gifts are used
    i. More exclusive benefits for alumni
    j. Alumni activities in my area
    k. Having life long learning opportunities available
    l. Campus privileges
  3. Which of the following prevents you from giving to the XYZ University or from giving more than you do?
        Strongly disagree Somewhat disagree Somewhat agree Strongly agree No opinion
    a. I am not sure that my gift will be used wisely
    b. I am paying off college debt
    c. I am unemployed or in a career change
    d. I don't feel that the XYZ University needs my support
    e. I don't have an interest in financially supporting the XYZ University
    f. My personal financial situation doesn't allow me to support the XYZ University financially
    g. the XYZ University hasn't made a good case for needing my support
    h. I disagree with the political posture of the university
    h. Other