1. When thinking about attending an event, how likely is it that the following would be a reason to go?
        Very unlikely Somewhat unlikely Somewhat likely Very likely No opinion
    a. To see friends
    b. To meet people in my area
    c. To network (career)
    d. For multicultural exposure / understanding
    e. To reminisce about college
    f. To find out the latest about XYZ University
    g. To interact with prospective students
    h. To hear from a XYZ Universityfaculty or staff member
    i. To hear from other alumni about their work, interests, and /or accomplishments
    j. To have fun
    k. To learn something (financial planning, parenting, politics, etc.)
  2. How important is it that alumni have the opportunity to participate in the following activities and how likely is it that you would participate in them?
          Importance     Likelihood
          1 = Not important     1 = Very unlikely
          2 = Somewhat important     2 = Somewhat unlikely
          3 = Very important     3 = Somewhat likely
          4 = Critically important     4 = Very likely
        N/O 1 2 3 4   N/O 1 2 3 4
    a. Participate in an online alumni club  
    b. Recruiting students to XYZ University from your community  
    c. Attending reunions based on the activities/groups you were involved with in college  
    d. Attending a lifelong learning event  
    e. Mentoring XYZ Universitystudents and/or young alumni  
    f. Attending an alumni event in your area featuring a University official (President, Coach, etc.)  
    g. Attending a career development event  
    h. Attending a networking event  
    i. Attending an athletic event  
    k. Traveling with other alumni  
    l. Contributing or helping to raise funds  
    m. Participate in a community service activity with other alumni  
    n. Attend a social event at a bar or club  
    o. Attend a chapter dinner, picnic, or banquet  
    p. Take courses online  
  3. How important are the following alumni career services to you and how well does XYZ University provide them?
          Importance     University's performance
          1 = Not important     1 = Poor
          2 = Somewhat important     2 = Fair
          3 = Very important     3 = Good
          4 = Critically important     4 = Excellent
        N/O 1 2 3 4   N/O 1 2 3 4
    a. Access to networking opportunities  
    b. Ability to post resumes for employers  
    c. Access to listings of available jobs  
    d. Access to career counselors  
    e. Access to online seminars on current career topics  
    f. Ability to recruit current students/alumni for employment  
    g. Ability to mentor current students/alumni about career development  
    h. Ability to get references and letters of recommendation from faculty and staff  
    i. Recorded and/or real-time rss feeds