Dear Rockhurst Alumni,

Rockhurst University is dedicated to serving the needs of our alumni. We strive to develop relationships, programs, and events that will positively impact the Rockhurst community and foster strong university connections among all alumni.

In order to be relevant to our alumni, we need your input. We are listening and are committed to taking action based on the feedback you provide us. In fact, you may recall taking a similar survey two years ago. Because of that survey our alumni magazine has benefited from a major re-focus and our approach to what programs and events we offer alumni has been adjusted in an attempt to meet our alumni’s expectations.

Your collective input will spark positive change.

Partial submissions do count, so if you can't complete the entire survey, please still hit the "submit" button.

Thank you for your participation,

Mary Mooney Burns
Director of University Engagement
Rockhurst University

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